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About Screen Four

Eric GranataScreen Four Software, LLC is a small software company based in Oklahoma and managed by Eric Granata.

About Eric
Like you, I'm obsessed with the iPhone and am always dreaming of new ways to put it and other emerging mobile devices to good use. I beleive that the future of mobile computing goes far beyond casual games and I hope to have a part in adding valuable software solutions to the mobile marketplace.

I call myself the Manager of Screen Four because that is the title given to me by my accountant and it seems to fit. When I get an in-house staff I'll start saying 'we' when referring to Screen Four. When I get a few more gray hairs, I'll be more comfortable with a title like CEO...maybe.

If you're looking for more information about our inagural app, Audio Footnote, visit You can also email me at or by visitng the Contact page.

Screen Four Apps

Audio Footnote for iPhone

Record, browse and listen to voice notes that you take while listening to audio books or podcasts on the iPhone or iPod Touch! No more switching between apps to make notes while listening or trying to type out your thoughts. Visit the Audio Footnote website...